Seend Parish Council


New requirements have been introduced to ensure that all parish and town councils comply with a Transparency Code of practice.  This code requires councils with an income of under £25,000 to publish certain information on a freely accessible website.    The following financial information has to be published on the website by 1st July following the auditing of thte accounts:


*      Approved and signed Annual Return

*      Internal Auditors Report. including the internal auditor’s report in the Annual Return.

*      Annual Governance Statement

*      Any Documents that in the past have been annexed to the Annual Return, ie bank  

       reconciliation and explanation of any variances.

•       A list of all payments over £100 (all expenditure can be found in P&L Accounts below and in

       the  minutes)



     ACCOUNTS 2018-19                                                               ACCOUNTS 2019-20  










                                                                                                    ACCOUNTS 2020-2021          






























ACCOUNTS 2017-18















ACCOUNTS Prior to 2017


Please contact the Clerk if you wish to look at these accounts






P&L.2017-18 March 2018 Certificate of Exemption Internal Auditor's Full Report 2017-18 P&L.2018-19 March 2019 2017-18 AGAR Completed document Stmt of Acc 31-03-2019 Seend PC Internal Audit report 2018-19 Seend PC AGAR Part 3 Internal Audit Report 2018-19 Seend PC AGAR Part 3 Accounting Statement 2018-19 Seend PC 2018-19 Bank Reconciliation Completed Seend PC 2018-19 Reconciliation between Box 7 and Notice of Public Rights Seend PC Explanation-of-variances-2018-19 Complete Seend PC AGAR Part 3 External Auditors Report 2018-19 Conclusion of Audit Notice 2018-19 P&L.2019-20 March 2020 2019-2020 Expenditure Over £100 P&L.2020-21 April 2020 Seend PC AGAR Part 3 Governance Statement 2018-19